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The TOMATIS method is used in auditory attention training. Using filtrated sounds of Mozart music and Gregorian chants, areas of the cerebral cortex are stimulated. The Tomatis method in therapy leads to a decrease of muscle tension, improvement of motor coordination, increases of auditory attention and the improvement of emotional states is observed. 



Zabajka 2

  • and this is how we started
    and this is how we started
  • now our house is painted green
    now our house is painted green

The Children’s Residential Therapy Centre Zabajka 2 is situated in Złotów on the Zaleski lake (35 km from Piła), in the Wielkopolska region. The Centre organises fourteen day rehabilitation stays for disabled people (with their carers) from Poland and abroad. Zabajka 2 provides care for children and teenagers affected by any neurological and neuromuscular disorders such as cerebral palsy, metabolic and genetic disorders, mental illness, epilepsy, autism, spine diseases and curvature disorders, multiple sclerosis, post-stroke and post-traumatic conditions.

The building houses 15 therapy rooms, kitchen, dining room, common room, offices and 20 residential rooms with bathrooms. Each room is equipped with cable television and wi-fi. We also provide wifi access and a communal computer with permanent internet access. On the grounds of Zabajka 2 there are located a covered horse riding arena, small stable, mini-zoo, beach volleyball court, barbecue, parking lot and a beach nearby.

We are also laureates of the Polish national competition Perły Medycyny 2008 (2nd place) and the winners of the regional competition Godło Promocyjne Złoty Herb 2007 and Greater competition and Economic HIT, 2011.

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